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European Society for Artificial Organs: Winter School, 1-3 February 2007, Gstaad, Switzerland



The evaluation form has been kindly filled out by most of the participants. The overall rating of the scientific quality ranged between 'good' and 'excellent'.

After assessment of the forms, I must congratulate the faculty, since all talks have mainly been rated as 'excellent'. Several comments mentioned that the sessions on genomics and proteomics best fulfilled the goal of 'teaching the teachers'.

The learning effect was also rated very high and most people would like to see the ESAO Winter School held on a yearly basis.

Further interesting comments mentioned that it would be better to concentrate on only one topic, and those covered during the annual meeting should be avoided.
The need of inviting experts in fields related to, but not directly involved with, artificial organs, e.g. the Saturday morning sessions, was also emphasized.

The organisation of the meeting has also been rated very high and I would like at this point to thank again my team who made such a meeting possible.

Most of the personal comments I received emphasized the informal atmosphere which fostered interesting new interdisciplinary contacts.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank again the sponsors for their invaluable support and their personal presence during the meeting.

Beat H. Walpoth, MD
ESAO President